Low maintenance medium length haircuts
Helen Lee

The Choppy Lob

This low-maintenance medium length haircut offers the perfect balance of style and ease. With its choppy layers, it adds texture and volume, making it ideal for air-drying and minimal styling. Perfect for busy women who want to look effortlessly chic.

The Midi Shag

Experience a modern twist on the timeless shag with the midi shag. Featuring textured layers and a tousled finish, it’s effortlessly cool and requires little to no styling effort. Embrace the lived-in look with this trendy and low-maintenance hairstyle option.

The Layered Bixie

Combining the best of both worlds, the layered bixie blends the edgy pixie cut with longer layers for added versatility. It’s easy to style and requires minimal maintenance, perfect for busy women who crave a short, chic hairstyle. Discover more bixie hairstyles here.

The Textured Wedge

Turn heads with the textured wedge haircut. This unique cut features a sleek, graduated shape with textured layers for added volume and dimension. It requires minimal styling and is ideal for women who want a low-maintenance yet impactful look.

The Blunt Lob with Wisps

Embrace modern elegance with the blunt lob with wisps. This sleek cut features blunt ends and wispy bangs for a chic and sophisticated look. It’s easy to maintain and requires minimal styling, making it perfect for busy lives.

The Rounded Bob with Nape Undercut

Achieve a soft and feminine look with the rounded bob with a nape undercut style. This versatile cut features a rounded shape with a subtle undercut, adding a touch of edge and making it easy to manage.

The Long Pixie

For a touch of sophistication, the long pixie haircut is a perfect choice. This longer version of the classic pixie offers more styling options while still maintaining a low-maintenance edge. It’s perfect for women who want a versatile cut that grows out gracefully.

The Face-Framing Lob

Enhance your natural beauty with the face-framing lob. This classic cut features subtle layers around the face for added dimension and softness. It’s easy to style and requires minimal maintenance, making it ideal for busy women who want to look their best with minimal effort.

The Angled Midi Cut

Add a touch of modern geometry with the angled midi cut. This sleek and chic cut features angled layers for added interest and volume. It requires minimal styling and grows out gracefully, making it a low-maintenance option for busy lives.

The Textured French Bob

Experience timeless elegance with the textured French bob haircut. This classic cut features a textured finish for added dimension and a modern touch. It’s easy to style and maintain, making it perfect for busy women who want a chic and sophisticated look.

Effortless Edge

The Lived-In Lob for Busy Lives (Easy to style, textured lob haircut)

Wash & Wear Wow

The One-Length Wonder for Minimalists (Simple, one-length medium haircut)

Shortcut to Chic

The Blunt Lob with a Bold Angle (Sharp angled bob with longer length)

French Flair

The Effortless Parisian Lob with Fringe (French-inspired lob with wispy bangs)

Beach Babe Vibes

The Textured Waves for Natural Texture (Beachy waves for naturally wavy hair)

Choppy Chic

The Rocker Mullet for a Modern Edge

Modern mullet haircut with a feminine touch

Curly Confidence

The Defined Curl Lob for Bouncy Perfection (Structured lob for defined curls)

Face-Framing Finesse

The Long Layers with Curtain Bangs (Long layers with flattering curtain bangs)

The Polished Ponytail Powerhouse

The Blunt Cut for Sleek Styles (Blunt haircut ideal for sleek ponytails)

Busy Bee Beauty

Second-Day Savior: The Greaser-Friendly Textured Lob (Textured lob that hides second-day hair)

The Grown-Out Glow-Up

The Layered Lob for Transitioning Long Hair (Layered lob for growing out long hair)

Hat Hair Hero

The Messy Bun-Ready Lob for Effortless Style (Lob haircut perfect for messy buns)

Air-Dry Anthem

The Easygoing Lob with Minimal Styling (Lob haircut that air-dries beautifully)

The Low-Commitment Lob

The Perfect Cut for Busy Weekends (Simple lob that requires minimal maintenance)

The Weekender Wave

The Textured Lob for Effortless Texture (Textured lob that creates effortless waves)

The Minimalist Muse

The Blunt Lob with Blunt Bangs for Boldness (Blunt haircut with blunt bangs for a statement)

The Everyday Essential

The Long Bob with Subtle Layers (Long bob with subtle layers for added volume)

The Grown-Up Glam

The Textured Lob with Face-Framing Highlights (Textured lob with highlights for added dimension)

The Busy Mom Bob

The Wash-and-Go Lob for Time-Crunched Queens (Easy-to-maintain lob for busy women)

The Weekend Wanderer

The Textured Lob with Braided Accents (Textured lob styled with braids for a boho touch)

The Polished Professional

The Sleek Lob with a Center Part (Sleek lob with a center part for a professional look)

The Festival Fun

The Textured Lob with Loose Headband (Textured lob styled with a loose headband for a festival look)

The Date Night Drama

The Textured Lob with Voluminous Curls (Textured lob styled with voluminous curls for a special occasion)

The Weekend Warrior

The Textured Lob with Messy Braids (Textured lob with messy braids for a casual weekend look)

The Bookworm Bliss

The Low-Bun Friendly Lob with Side Part (Lob haircut suited for low buns with a side part)

The Gymnast Chic

The Sleek Lob with a High Ponytail (Sleek lob styled in a high ponytail for active lifestyles)

The Artistic Allure

The Textured Lob with Bold Hair Color (Textured lob with a bold hair color for a statement)

The Office Chic

The Sleek Lob with Tucked-Behind Ears (Sleek lob styled with tucked-behind ears for a polished office look)

The Minimalist Masterpiece

The One-Length Blunt Cut for Effortless Style (Simple one-length blunt haircut)

The French Twist Fantasy

The Layered Lob for Updo Versatility (Layered lob that allows for various updos)

The Crown Braid Charmer

The Long Layered Cut with a Braided Crown (Long layered haircut with a braided crown

The Weeknight Wonder

The Textured Lob with Headband for Instant Style (Easy way to add style with a headband)

The Shortcut Statement

The Blunt Bob with Bold Texture (Short bob with a textured finish)

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