Who We Are

We started intrendhairstyle in 2023 because—like you—we’re pretty obsessed with all things hair. From hairstyle ideas to expert hair care advice, we’ve got you covered.

At Intrend Hairstyle, we have one driving mission: to celebrate and inspire women from all over the world, united over our love (and obsession) of hair, beauty, and individuality.

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Editorial Guidelines

Look, we don’t take ourselves too seriously here, because after all, we’re “just” writing about hair. And we want this place to be a source of inspiration and joy for everyone who finds us. But we still take that responsibility quite seriously. And so we promise to only create content that resonates with our audience. You can learn more about our editorial process.

Meet Our Team

Rachel Miller

Rachel has over 10 years of experience in the hair and beauty space, and is a published author. She believes that everyone deserves a hairstyle and hair care routine that they love, and its that guiding mission that leads her decision-making process when it comes to the direction of Timeless Hairstyles.

Annie Walton-Doyle

Annie Walton Doyle is a journalist based in Manchester, UK. For over ten years, she’s worked within the beauty industry, writing for publications like Bustle and Hello Giggles about skincare, makeup, fragrance, and more. When not writing, she enjoys knitting, weird books, nature, and mysteries.

Emma Clarke

Emma Clarke is a journalist and the former Head of Editorial SEO at The Telegraph. A coffee addict and lipstick fiend, she regularly contributes her views on all things lifestyle to the likes of Medium, The Sun, Newsweek and The Evening Standard.

Sophie Mara

Sophie Mara is an award-winning journalist and former beauty director of Reveal magazine. Her past writing clients include Ella + Mila, TruSkin, HIGHBORN London, Pure Yeva, SkinSAFE, Vaseline, Woosh and Zoa Beauty.